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379th Organizational Maintenance Squadron Insignia

The 379th Organizational Maintenance Squadron provided operationally ready bomber and tanker aircraft for all wing missions. In addition, the unit provided minor maintenance, servicing, and inspection of transient aircraft.

The squadron consisted of four main branches, bomber, tanker, support and alert.

The bomber branch provided the wing with mission-ready B-52Gs equipped with the Offensive Avionics System / Air-Launched Cruise Missile modified to support a global mission, including the alert commitment. The branch managed, conducted, and monitored maintenance on this system.

The tanker branch was responsible for performing preflight, hourly post flight, and thru flight inspections of aircraft structures, landing gear, engines, and various other systems and components. It performed operational checks on hydraulic, electrical, and pressurization systems, and was responsible for the launch, recovery, towing, and parking of all assigned and transient KC-135 aircraft.

The support branch provided, maintained, and stored technical order equipment, composite tool kits, special tools, aircraft test equipment, and maintained the squadron's technical order library.

The alert force branch provides the squadron with the support needed for immediate launch of aircraft. They perform alert preflight inspections and the servicing, towing, parking, maintenance, and launching of alert aircraft. The underlying concept of the alert force branch was "We're Ready Now."