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379th Field Maintenance Squadron Insignia

The 379th Field Maintenance Squadron provides intermediate level maintenance for the quick repair of aircraft systems and related equipment. FMS has four branches: inspection, aerospace ground equipment, propulsion, and component repair.

The inspection branch is organized into five work centers: bomber phase, bomber jet phase, tanker phase, tanker jet phase, and the aero repair and reclamation.

The aerospace ground equipment branch maintains all assigned ground equipment required to support the aircraft and base needs. The branch is made up of servicing, dispatch, and inspection/repair sections, along with the production control and supply functions.

The propulsion branch is responsible for maintaining jet engine off-wing repair along with all spare engines and auxiliary power units. The branch is composed of jet engine intermediate maintenance, engine test cell, material support, non-powered AGE, accessory and engine management sections.

The component repair branch is the largest branch in the squadron and is composed of nine shops: aircraft structural maintenance, electro-environmental, fuel systems, metals technology, survival equipment, pneudraulics, non-destructive inspection, wheel and tire, and egress. The branch repairs and manufactures parts, supports periodic inspections and repairs and services system on the aircraft.

The local manufacture function which is assigned to squadron supervision coordinates all manufacturing done for other base agencies.