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379th Munitions Maintenance Squadron Insignia

Receiving high marks from the SAC Inspector General Team and the SAC Maintenance and Standardization Evaluation Team in 1987, the 379th Munitions Maintenance Squadron provides safe, reliable munitions to the 379th Bombardment Wing.

All munitions assigned to the wing are checked through the squadron's munitions accountable supply section.

When munitions have been received, they are handled, warehoused, and inspected by members of the maintenance and storage branch. Also, assigned conventional munitions experts dispose of unserviceable explosives when required.

The missile inventory consists of the air-launched cruise missile. The technicians assigned to the missile maintenance section maintain the weapons as well as the complicated test and support equipment associated with these advanced systems.

Should there be a requirement to load munitions on the B-52G aircraft, the members of the armament systems branch make the final preparations on an aircraft for its mission. Additionally, assigned technicians troubleshoot and repair the weapons monitoring portion of the computerized offensive avionics systems.

The squadron could not perform its mission without the support machinery required to maneuver the variety of large equipment used on the B-52. The equipment maintenance section maintains the munitions lift trailers and other support equipment so essential to completing the mission