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Photo Galleries

Welcome to "WAFB.NET Photo Galleries". We've organized a variety of pictures, contributed by our visitors, into a set of image galleries. Visit "Shades of Oscoda" for a glimps of main street Oscoda in the late 1950's. Check out "WAFB Aircraft" and see some of the different aircraft types that made WAFB there home. Take an "Arial Tour of WAFB" and see what the base looked like 7 years after it was closed.

Of course we are still seeking additional images to further enhance the galleries and need your help. "Bombers of WAFB" & "Tankers of WAFB", recently added features, are planned to be a roster of each B-52 & KC-135 that were stationed at WAFB. So come on all you aircrews, crew chiefs, & maintenance crews. Make sure that your favorite plane is available for all of our visitors to enjoy. The more interesting pictures and details we can make available, the better the site will be.

If you can help, please send your images to along with any details describing them. If you have photographs but don't have the facilities to get them into electronic format, we would be glad to scan them for you. Of course your originals would be returned to you.

And all images will be credited to the contributor in the caption.