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Louis Smith ()

3/18/2018 8:36:16 AM)
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Tsgt (MSgt Retired) Paul Cote 379th BW/ACF (Sept 1978 - Nov 1984)
Franklin, Indiana

3/14/2018 4:29:54 AM)
My wife, Samia worked in 379th CSG/DPM (CBPO). Both our children were born there. We had the world famous CMSgt Walker from AMS as our next door neighbor in base housing. Just loved the assignment!

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SRA Joseph Semick 379FMS (Nov.77-Feb81)
Mentor, Ohio

2/23/2018 6:36:07 PM)
Just wanted to update my email. My phone # is 440- 392-7543

Capt, USAF, RET Frederick C Brace III USAF Hospital (Nov 75 - Jun 79)
Dover, DE

2/22/2018 12:08:26 PM)
Assigned to the Surgery Dept as an OR tech out of Tech School. Met and married my wife, Linda of "40" years there. Left Summer 1979 to attend the USAF Physician Assistant School, Sheppard AFB, TX and Mather AFB, CA. Subsequent assignments included Castle AFB, CA, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, Comiso Sicily and retired from Dover AFB, Aug 1994.

SMSgt (Retired) Jim Williams 379th CSG/CBPO (August 1976 - April 1978)
Baldwin City, Ks

2/22/2018 11:24:20 AM)
Wurtsmith AFB was my first assignment out of Tech School at Keesler as an A1C. I started out as a Personnel Specialist in Airman Records, then Officer Records, and finally in Promotions and Testing. I remember when my wife and I first arrived at the Base, they put us up in a resort cabin on Lake Huron. We were sitting there enjoying looking out over the lake one evening and heard a rumble in the distance that kept getting louder and louder until a KC135A model came right over us. I looked at my wife and said this is going to be great. I still remember our address once we got stationed on base - 8310C Hawaii. It was a great unit and great people. I still miss SAC!

1977-11-11 ctaletijdm 1979-10-12 (1980-11-11)
, Oman

2/22/2018 10:33:36 AM)
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MSgt USAF (Ret) James SPeed 379th Strat Hosp, Dental Clinic (Nov, 1975 - 1978 & Feb, 1982 - Jul 1988)
Madisonville, , TN

2/18/2018 6:01:03 PM)
Will be in Michigan from mid-July visiting family. We will be there. It will be great to meet everyone again.

Sgt William Naida Hospital (1971-1972)
Chicago, IL

2/11/2018 6:23:11 PM)
I decided to look at one of my prior duty stations and immediately came across three names I recognize. Ken Was, I recall your bedspread which was somewhat unusual for a barracks. Mark McSherry, since I was not of legal age to drink in the bars in Oscoda I recall borrowing your ID to go into town with Ken's roommate Mike. Oh yeah, Bob Lappe was usually with us too. And Dr. Wayne Alberts! I had an interesting one-on-one conversation with him during a car ride while he was Acting Hospital Commander. We didn't know that the mic on his portable radio was on and several corpsman heard our chat. Oh, and our destination was the Officer's Club,when we arrived he introduced me as Sgt. Naida, his Major's Aide. Hopefully this will get sent, a prior attempt by me was not successful.

Ssgt John Warnick 379th OMS (1980-88)
Frankenmuth , MI

2/3/2018 7:11:24 PM)
Many memories of Wurtsmith; lot of good ones, a few not so good. Hated to see it close!

Ssgt John Warnick 379th OMS (1980-88)
Frankenmuth , MI

2/3/2018 7:10:46 PM)
Many memories of Wurtsmith; lot of good ones, a few not so good. Hated to see it close!

SSGT (CMSGT RET) Mike Cowder SPS (67-68)
Stafford, Va

1/21/2018 7:30:43 PM)
Any cops here during this time (especially K-9s

SSgt Harry McCown 379th FMS R&R Shop (9/66 to 10/67 and 12/68 to 1/70)
, MI

1/12/2018 9:30:09 AM)
There will be a base reunion for the 25 year closing of Wurthsmith. It will be June 22,23 and 24th 2018. More info can be found on the Wurtsmith Air Museum facebook page.

SSgt Harry McCown 379th FMS R&R Shop (9/66 to 10/67 and 12/68 to 1/70)
, MI

1/12/2018 9:26:39 AM)
There will be a base reunion for the 25 year closing of Wurthsmith. It will be June 22,23 and 24th 2018. More info can be found on the Wurtsmith Air Museum facebook page.

Tsgt. Richard Hosman 379 AMMS (1960)
Rantoul, IL.

1/11/2018 7:50:23 AM)
was stationed at Wurtsmith AFB from 1960 to 1965 went to chanute for hound dog missile training helped activate the missle unit

Sgt Richard Joerg Hospital (1971-1975)
Mankato, MN

1/10/2018 5:42:11 PM)
Assigned to the Flight Surgeons Office. Have a lot of good memories of the base. Recognize a number of names of people who have posted over the years. Worked with a lot of good people while stationed there - Dave Empey, Bill Powers, Drs Howard, Stronach, DeLong. Feel free to contact me. Visited the base back in about 2010 - brought back a lot of good memories.

MSgt (Ret) Stacey Ward (N/A)
Tinker AFB, OK

1/10/2018 2:30:08 PM)
Now retired and in B-2 Engineering Office at Tinker AFB, OK. Worked with a couple fine ECM troops from 379th OMS during Desert Storm while I was also deployed from Eaker AFB, AR.

TSgt Robert Macqueen 379thMMS (1 mar 73 - 30 Sep 75)
Las Vegas, Nevada

1/9/2018 3:47:46 PM)
MSgt (E-8 selectee) retired. 46370 at aWAFB, NCOIC SRAM Maintenance when leaving WAFB. Lead Team Chief on SRAM set up team. Initally Team Chief in gravity weapons msintenance.

Sgt (E4) Jeff Paddock 379th MMS (Feb 1973 - Aug 1976)
Sulphur Springs, TX

1/5/2018 6:41:49 PM)
Assigned initially for short period in WSA as 46330 in bomb shop then assigned to build-up of AGM-69 SRAM as 46350. Appreciate this web site.

Maj (Ret) Jim Leavenworth 524 BS (1989-1991)
Edinburgh, Scotland,

1/2/2018 10:47:39 AM)
Hey all ex sqdn members. Nice to see all the memories on the net. One correction though...the picture of my crew labelled "Old Crow Express" with her crew following 53 missions in Operation Desert Storm" which shows us in front of a Buff standing in fromt of a few 750 pounders is not labelled right. This photo was taken after our first combat mission after the employ-deploy mission into Iraq/Saudi (if my memory serves me correctly!).

A2c Alfred Fickensher 445th FIS (Jan 1960-Mar 1963)
Bettendorf, Iowa

1/1/2018 9:58:59 PM)
Just checking in since it has been a bit over three years since my last visit. Nice to see recent postings from guys who served at WAFB back in the early 60s and even a few names I recognized. Memories of that time are becoming more precious as time passes. Interesting, I can’t seem to bring up an unpleasant thought about my time at WAFB, even the winters there now seem to have been merely adventures. We each honorably went where it was our Uncle sent us. Alf Bettendorf, IA

Msgt (Ret) Roy Cardone 379th AMMS (1967-1971)
Blue Creek, Ohio

12/31/2017 11:47:48 AM)
Some of the best times ever was at Wurtsmith, hunting, fishing oh yea and work. Nellis was my next Stop then onto Lakenheath (UK) for nearly 6 years. I appreciate those who came before and those who came after. Must be getting old I miss the Good Old Days!

Sgt Ken Leppert 379 AMMS (August 17,1967)
Rogers City, Michigan

12/30/2017 1:05:12 PM)
Spent my entire time at Wurtsmith except for a 6 week TDY

SGT Glen Sluiter 379th Headquarters Squadron (12/73 to 5/7/1973)
Shelbyville , Michigan 49344

12/23/2017 5:23:12 PM)
Was assigned to Housing Supply at Wurtsmith after discharge drove semi for awhile and got college degree and worked as supervisor at Keeler Brass in Grand Rapids Michigan

A1C Gregory McComas 379 AMS (1979 - 1981)
Albuquerque, NM

12/1/2017 11:57:58 AM)
Comm/Nav shop, I remember MSgt. Don Struble and TSgt. Jerry Malseed along w/a few of my co-workers. Too many days have passed to recall it all.

Sgt Glenn Burton Mms (84-89)
Maryville, TN

11/20/2017 10:18:15 AM)
I was there from 84-89. Great bunch of people. Missed it. Darts and beer.

A1C-Sgt Kevin L. Rinehart 379th SPS (1986-1991)
Great Falls, Montana

11/8/2017 8:03:11 AM)
This was my first assignment out of tech school and I have a lot of great memories of the area and the people I served with. I also enjoyed my time as an Oscoda Reserve Police Officer while there. I visited the base in 2015 while on vacation in Michigan and it brought back many memories. My best to any of my friends and teammates who see this posting.

Sgt. lynn lasley 379th FMS/ Csd Team (69/70)
Grand Blanc, Michigan

7/15/2017 10:50:39 AM)
Anyone from the csd team in 69-70 please contact me @ ( glfn338@aol.com )

TSgt Dean Freeman 379th (1972 - 1978)
Covington, GA

6/10/2017 11:34:18 AM)
I started as a Communications Specialist cross trained to Emergency Actions Comand and Control Specialist in the Command Post.

A1C JOE BOSZE 379 BOMB WING (1964 TO 1967)

5/29/2017 7:21:47 AM)

AB D. G. Photo Lab (Sept 1972)
Oscoda, MI

4/26/2017 9:23:57 PM)
Gave it my all, treated like a dog. I had more understanding and discipline of my career than my NCOIC. Abysmal accommodations in the barracks. Finally received an assignment after 2 years of confinement then life became normal.

Msgt Thomas Knipstein 379th OMS (06/73 to 06/75)
Livermore, Colorado

4/9/2017 10:34:41 AM)
My recovery team chief at that time was Tsgt Alvin Miller on the Buffs. Had a wonderful 2 years at Wurtsmith. My other SAC assignments were 305th FMS at Grissom AFB, 6th Strat Wing at Eielson AFB and the 43rd FMS at Anderson AFB. AfTer I retired I stayed with the AF and the Tinker AFB Depot unit working the B52H retiring in 2015 so I started on the Buff in 1973 and finished my AF career in 2015. It's been a wonderful life. Always a SAC trained killer.

SGT Charles Ortlieb 379 FMS (8-1995 thru 9-1991)
Kalamazoo, Michigan

3/23/2017 11:06:19 AM)
First assigment after Basic training . Great place to spend my first assignment under great leadership. Loved being back serving in the same state I grew up in

Sgt. john Laibe 379 OMS (78-81)
Columbus, Oh

3/23/2017 5:40:22 AM)
Been awhile since I was on here. was surfing looking for Jerry Laurie and found out on Tribute.com that he passed away last fall, went through Chanute and was in his wedding.

SMSGT Richard Gregaitis 379th Combat Support (Oct 1970-1972 Aug 1983-Oct 1986)
Ludington, Michigan

3/20/2017 5:04:30 AM)
Great assignment. Our oldest son was born at the hospital on base Feb 20, 1972. I worked at the Base Procurement Office at the main gate.

SMSGT Richard 379th Combat Support ( Oct 1970-1972 Aug 1983-Oct 1986)
Ludington, Michigan

3/20/2017 4:58:44 AM)
Fond memories of WAFB. Our first son Brent was born there in 1972. Worked at the Base Procurement Office at the entrance of the base. Had two assignments there. Retired in Oct 1986.

Travis Salsgiver ()
Davison, Michigan

3/14/2017 4:58:44 PM)
I've been to wurtsmith once and enjoyed the museum when I was their in 2014. I will be back in August of 2017 for a week in Tawas.

SGT Robert Anderson (Andy) 379Th SPS (1986-1992)
, Tennessee

2/7/2017 1:25:24 AM)
Great assignment if you liked the cold weather. The Best Squadron on base. I met some great people in Michigan..!

A1C - SMSGT Daniel Bowyer 379 OMS (2/86- 4/87)
Rice Lake, Wi

1/27/2017 5:17:30 AM)
First base for me from basic to crew the mighty BUFF. I learned a ton and liked very much being one of the Chiefs on that J-57 equipped fire-breathing dragon of a Bomber! We had a COLORFUL group there and while the assignment was a blast- I couldn't find a place to LIVE as housing was scant. I later swapped & PCS'd to KIS. Best to all you former 379ers!!!!

Civilian Jackie Isabelle Kissell ()
Phoenix, AZ

1/27/2017 2:51:45 AM)
RIP Wes Euler

TSGT (RET) Dennis Wear 379 OMS (1980-1986)
Conway, South Carolina

1/23/2017 3:54:53 PM)
Just want to update on my location . Move to South Carolina in 2015. Needed to get out of the snow.

AB - SSgt (MSgt Ret) Chris Webber 379 OMS Bomber Branch (1980)
Haysvile, Kansas

1/4/2017 5:52:33 PM)
Great times, great people, awesome airplanes!

AB-SSgt (MSgt RET) Chris Webber (1980 - 1987)
Haysvile, Kansas

1/4/2017 5:50:34 PM)
Lots of good times, good people, awesome airplanes!

MSgt (Retired) Joseph (Joe) Monter 379th OMS (September 1989 through June 1992)
, Mississippi

1/4/2017 10:55:19 AM)
Was assigned to WAFB as a pneudraulic apprentice on the bomber side then both the bomber and tanker after the merger. Deployed with the bombers to Saudi Arabia to the 1708 provisional bomb wing.

04 Leonardo Gomez 482 TFW, AFRES (Ret) (none)
Homestead, Florida

1/1/2017 12:47:14 PM)
My good friend from Nav School at Mather AFB was stationed here in late 1070's. His name was Armando "Gus" Hernandez, 1st Lt or Capt when I joined him here for a brief visit. I would like to find him again. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please pass on my e-mail to him. Thanks. Leo.

E-4 Derek K Glendale 377 Supply Sq (8/19/1972 - 4/16/1974)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

12/26/2016 3:27:40 PM)
How do I join?

E4 Tony Phillips 379th Supply -POL (78-82)
South Whitley, IN

12/2/2016 2:58:27 PM)
I need some bunny boots or muckalucks. Lol

E-4 Matt Rogers Security Police (Nov 1983-March 1985Chapin )
Chapin, SC

11/2/2016 12:53:19 PM)
It was super cold but loved it anyway! Enjoyed working around the Buff's (B-52's) and the KC-135 too! Got to meet some really good people both officer and enlisted especially working in the "mole hole" (if you ever worked in there then you know what I'm talking about). Played softball with a bunch of good guys-Brad Miller really sticks out the most! Sad to see it close.

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